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board and Staff leadership

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Board of Directors 

There are no owners of a nonprofit organization. The board of directors’ serve as the stewards, safeguarding the mission and resources. Their authority comes from the board as a whole, not from individual board members. The board of directors' responsibilities include: 

  • Set mission and ensure effective planning. 

  • Ensure adequate financial resources and protect assets. 

  • Ensure compliance with legal and ethical obligations. 

  • Monitor program performance.  

  • Select, support, and evaluate the chief executive. 

  • Serve as an advocate and ambassador. 

  • Ensure the board operates effectively and efficiently. 

Fiduciary duties are functions, tasks, and obligations assumed or imposed by law upon individuals for which assets or power is entrusted for the benefit of others. Each board member must adhere to the following duties. 

  1. Duty of Care—requires leaders to fulfill their responsibilities in good faith and with diligence, attention, care, and skill.

  2. Duty of Loyalty—requires leaders to exercise their powers in good faith and in the best interest of the organization, never using their position for personal advantage.   

  3. Duty of Obedience—requires leaders to carry out the purpose and mission of the organization and to comply with the governing documents as well as applicable laws and regulations. 

From BoardSource: Every Board's Must-Have Documents 

Board Training 

The Wyoming Nonprofit Network offers board training. Board Fundamentals is an in-person workshop for board members and chief executives. This training is offered in regional locations across the state.  

May 8, 2024, in Teton County - view event details

More dates/locations coming for fall/winter 2024. 

If your nonprofit organization is in Natrona County, we offer additional board training opportunities as part of a grant with the Natrona Collective Health Trust. Contact Tess Mittelstadt for more information 


Chief Executive 

The board of directors governs the nonprofit, the chief executive (executive director or CEO) leads and manages the day-to-day operations. The chief executive is the primary and most visible representation of the organization’s mission in the eyes of all organizational stakeholders. Their responsibilities include: 

  • Lead and manage the daily operations ensuring programs meet the mission. 

  • Build effective board relations and support board functions. 

  • Effectively partner with board on overall direction and planning, ensuring the plan is put into action and evaluated. 

  • Create the conditions for fundraising success.  

  • Ensure effective financial management and adherence to financial controls. 

  • Hire staff and ensure human resource functions are effectively carried out.  

  • Build effective communications strategies and build relationships with stakeholders. 

Executive Director Training 

The Wyoming Nonprofit Network offers several training and networking opportunities for chief executives and other staff members. These opportunities can be found on our event calendar.  

Through our partnership with MindEdge, you will find Nonprofit Management courses. Members: remember to use the discount code to receive 10% off.   

In 2025, we are partnering again with Incite! Consulting on the ED Confab program. The training is ideal for new nonprofit executive directors and those who have been on the job for a while but still need support (due to no orientation, lack of job structure, strained relationship with board/board chair). There will be five, two-hour virtual sessions from January to April and an in-person capstone session at the May 2025 Nonprofit Conference. More information will be provided in the fall of 2024. 

Chief executives of WNN member organizations can participate in a monthly ED Virtual Coffee Hour hosted by the Executive Director of the Wyoming Nonprofit Network. This information can be found in the Members Learning Library.  


Business and Consultant Directory 

See our Directory for business members that provide services specific to this topic area. 

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