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Based in Wyoming, the Hughes Charitable Foundation is guided by Wayne and Molly Hughes. We are committed to supporting organizations who are directly helping those across the state and region who need it most. Energized by love and faith, and endlessly inspired by the vibrant community around us, the Hughes Charitable Foundation is dedicated to sharing the blessings that we are so grateful to have received.

Connecting people who care to causes that matter to build a better Wyoming.

The McMurry Foundation is a beacon of hope and support for the vibrant communities Wyoming and Natrona County. Since its establishment in 1998 by Mick and Susie McMurry, our foundation has been dedicated to making a lasting and positive impact on the lives of those who need it most. With unwavering commitment and a deep sense of community, we strive to empower, uplift, and enrich through a wide range of charitable endeavors. Join us in our mission to create a brighter future for our beloved community by paying it forward.

To create or cause change primarily for the benefit of the people of the State of Wyoming through the support of science, education, and charity.

Build the foundation for lifelong health among Natrona County community members by advancing the mental wellbeing of young people through trust-based philanthropy and systems change.

To improve lives through philanthropic leadership by: providing superior donor services, making grants that positively impact the community, ensuring sustainability of the philanthropic community, and acting as a leader, catalyst and resource.

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Wyoming Nonprofit Network
822 West 23rd Street, Unit A
Cheyenne, WY  82001
(307) 772-9050

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