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Efficient utilization of the energy, time, and talents of employees is paramount for an organization to fulfill its mission effectively. Nonprofit organizations should prioritize the implementation of fair and equitable practices that attract, retain, and actively engage qualified employees. It is incumbent upon nonprofits to adhere to and stay abreast of all relevant employment laws while ensuring a safe and productive work environment. 

Nonprofits must comply with all federal, state and local employment laws when hiring, employing and dismissing personnel. They must comply with employment mandates, including, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, accurate designation of employees and contractors, and wage and hour laws. Nonprofits must establish and abide by a broad and encompassing equal opportunity employment policy. 


HR Trainings and Resources 

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the leading provider of trainings, certifications, and resources in the Human Resources field. Organizations may want to consider a membership to SHRM to access resources, such as templates for employee handbooks and policies. 

Members of the Wyoming Nonprofit Network can access an HR Checklist for Organizations with Fewer than 50 Employees developed by The Align Team. See the Members Learning Library 

Through our partnership with MindEdge, you will find several HR courses (with CEU credits) Members: remember to use the discount code to receive 10% off.  

We are partnering with The Align Team to bring an HR Workshop to Lander on August 8, 2024. See the event calendar for more information and to register. Other workshops may be offered this year, we will update information as plans are finalized.   

The Wyoming Nonprofit Network’s 2021 Nonprofit Salary and Benefit Report seeks to provide a more complete picture of nonprofit compensation in the state*. The overall goal is to better assist nonprofit organizations throughout the state in determining and developing effective compensation programs.* Community Foundation of Jackson Hole conducts an extensive salary survey for Teton County nonprofits every two years. Teton County is not included in this salary report. The 169 nonprofit organizations included in this report represent 18 different counties and employ 1,878 full-time employees. This report is provided free of charge to nonprofits that completed the Salary and Benefits Survey in 2021. If you believe your organization completed the survey, please contact us to confirm and we will email you a free copy. Reach out to us via: To pay for an electronic copy, click here.

Healthcare Benefits - Findings and Recommendations 

This document outlines findings and recommendations for health insurance as well as other health-related benefits nonprofits may wish to consider. Download Report (PDF)


Member Benefits 

Be sure to check out our member benefits for information on HR related benefits and services (background checks, dental insurance, HRAs, counseling services, and consulting).  


Business and Consultant Directory 

See our Directory for business members that provide services specific to this topic area. 

View our Business and Consultant Directory



In the initial phases of many nonprofit organizations and throughout various stages of their life cycle, engaging volunteers is crucial. This engagement not only strengthens the capacity of nonprofits but also establishes a vital link between these organizations and their communities. Volunteers contribute essential skills, connections, insights, and resources, serving as valuable advocates and public relations ambassadors. Nonprofits are obligated to act as responsible stewards of the skills, energy, and time that volunteers contribute. To effectively channel volunteer efforts toward advancing the organization's mission, nonprofits should establish thoughtful structures and processes for managing volunteer time and abilities. 

ServeWyoming promotes collaborative efforts among private, non-profit, and governmental organizations that advance community service, volunteer programs and activities in each Wyoming community.  ServeWyoming is our State’s center for volunteerism and AmeriCorps service. 

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